Penguin Parade

Phillip Island Penguin Parade Tour

Everyone’s favorite tour is the Philip Island Penguin Parade tour seeing hundreds of little fairy penguins waddle up the beach every night at sunset. Tired after a day’s fishing they head to their little burrows to feed their young and rest.

Located 90 minutes from Melbourne, Philip Island features spectacular coastal scenery, places of historic heritage and a variety of wildlife.

The island is home to Australia’s largest fur seal colony and families kangaroos that can be seen late afternoon, grazing. Phillip Island is also home to koalas that can be viewed up-close at the Philip Island Conservation Centre.

The Philip Island Penguin Parade tour takes place at the Philip Island visitor’s centre where elevated boardwalks and viewing stands allow visitors to enjoy all the action without disturbing the fairy penguin’s burrows.

Phillip Island Penguin Parade Viewing options include:

Philip Island Penguin Parade tour

1. Ultimate Penguin Ticket

View penguins on a secluded beach. Seating, mats on the sand. Meet Ranger, 1 hour prior to Penguins arrival. Mini bus takes visitors to small beach. Viewing duration, 1 hour. Return 30 min walk from beach to coach. Maximum 10 people. Ages 16+. Tickets from $80.00.

Penguines Plus Viewing

2. Penguins Plus – small viewing platform

Platform is situated 5 minutes from the Visitor’s Centre and beside he main path of penguins, where on average, 50 per cent of all penguins cross the beach in front of this stand. Adult tickets from $47.20. Meet Ranger: 45 mins prior sunset. (* recommended viewing)

Phillip Island Penguin Parade Sky Box

3. Penguins Sky Box VIP

Elevated views from a tower. Escorted by a professional Parks ranger. Tickets: POR, Adults only. – Philip Island Penguin Parade – 10 people

Phillip Island Penguin Parade Guided Tour

4. Guided Ranger Viewing – Penguin Parade

Guests on beach with up-close views of penguins. After 30 mins, move to small viewing platform. Entry Tickets: POR

About the Philip Island Penguin Parade and Nature Park

Over 32,000 penguins live in the colony. Philip Island Nature Park is a research centre with programs that research little penguin breeding and survival also wildlife conservation in general on the island. The ‘Penguin Parade’ is not only an attraction for visitors, it is also work time for the Rangers who daily count and record penguin numbers to ensure a healthy colony.

Research reveals fairy penguins reach high speeds in the water and can travel large distances from Phillip Island hunting for food, sometimes staying out in the ocean overnight. Some have been found 1000 km from their home base more.

*NOTE: Proceeds from ticket sales fund programs and operating costs for all Philip Island wildlife.

Wild Ocean Echo Boat Experience

Enjoy the thrill of up-close encounters with Australian fur seals and the spectacular views of Phillip Island’s rugged coastline.

The Wild Ocean EcoBoat departs from Phillip Island’s main township (Cowes) and travels to the nearby seal colony. Underwater cameras aboard the boat reward guests with a unique glimpse into the playful antics occurring beneath the waves as seals surround the boat.

Phillip Island’s waters teem with wildlife with migrating whales ‘rafts’ of little penguins out fishing, and peregrine falcons.
Tours operate daily with up to three trips per day in the peak summer season duration 60 minutes.

Eco Boat Tour - Phillip Island

Phillip Island Eco-boat Tour

Phillip Island Eco-boat Tour

TOUR DETAILS – Philip Island Penguin Parade  
Duration: 8 hours
Distance: 94 km
Escorted: Driver/Guide – all languages
Pick-up / Drop-off: CBD pick-up
Transport: Sedan / People Mover
Commentary: Yes
Itinerary: Flexible

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