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Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary Tour

For lovers of nature this is the perfect day tour from Melbourne to experience Australian wildlife.

Just one hour from Melbourne, the Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary is home to over 200 species of native birds, mammals and reptiles. Enjoy a private Healesville Sanctuary tour with a qualified guide.

Enjoy a magical, ‘magic moment’ experience
a with each entry ticket that allows a ten-minute close-up encounter with your favorite Aussie animal

Returning to Melbourne (time permitting,) your private day tour travels through leafy suburbs showing the local lifestyle and journeys in and around the city centre showing major attractions.


Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary

Healesville wildlife

History of Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary

The Healesville Sanctuary, or the Sir Colin Mackenzie Fauna Park, is a zoo specializing in native Australian animals. It is located at Healesville in rural Victoria, Australia, and has a history of breeding native wildlife.

The zoo is set in 78 acres (32 ha of natural bush land where paths wind through different habitat areas showcasing kangaroos, eagles, emus kangaroos, wombats, koalas, Tasmanian Devil, dingoes, reptiles, over 200 species of wildlife.

The land, originally part of the Corianders Aboriginal Reserve was passed to the Healesville Council in 1927 and named in honour of Sir Colin Mackenzie Sanctuary who was studying Australian fauna and wildlife. Animals in the wild that became sick or injured were nurtured here.

In 1944 the platypus was bred for the first time in captivity is one of the first Australian wildlife sanctuary to do so. The Healesville wildlife sanctuary has been successful as a wild life tour attraction. Daily there are conducted tours, bird shows. This wildlife sanctuary is one of the most popular wildlife tours in Australia.

The wildlife park also breeds species that that protects some 20 threatened animals, and each year also releases them into the wild habitat. Each year the sanctuary receives 1000 sick, injured or orphaned animals to care and return to the wild. Visitor entry fees all will contribute to the wildlife health and well being program.

TOUR DETAILS – Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary
Duration: 6-7
Hours Flexible
Distance: 63 km
Escorted: Driver / Guide – all Languages
Pick-up / Drop-off: CBD pick-up
Transport: Sedan / People Mover
Commentary: Yes
Itinerary: Flexible

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